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Lab Culture

Public Engagement 

The Hindges lab provides a fully open, inclusive and respectful lab research culture. We have a long track record to include and welcome people particularly from minoritised communities and enable them to develop their interest in science further.

We are very active in Public Engagement and Widening Participation,  for example in collaboration with schools and communities with lower STEM activities, but also through presentation or activities at public events. 

Check out the pages for the CDN outreach work and the Developmental Neurobiology Academy (DNA), which two of the Hindges lab members helped to create. 

IoPPN Code of Conduct

The Hindges lab is a signatory of the IoPPN Code of Conduct 

2022-05-11 21.05.43.jpg

Pint of Science 2022

Organised through Creative Reactions/Pint of Science and in collaboration with artist Lisa Pettibone, Robert Hindges presented how the brain processes visual information to the public at Peckham Levels. 

Hindges Lab Shorts

Learn about our zebrafish assays in 2 minutes

created by Carolina Moretti Ierardi, 3rd year Science Comm student

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