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Paper on Teneurin interactions and localisation published

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Led by Dr. Angela Cheung, our lab published a new study on

teneurin distribution and interactions between paralogues in Frontiers in Neuroscience . In their work, Cheung et al. fluorescently tagged the four paralogues to track them in cultured neurons or brain slices and found that all the teneurins can be found in a punctate distribution and partially localised to synapses. Each teneurin paralogue was differentially dispersed across distinct pre- and postsynaptic sites and Tenm3 was found to be localised to specific substructures in dendritic spines of CA1 neurons. Cheung et al.’s work further showed that the intracellular domain of teneurin plays an important role for synaptic localisation.

The work was a collaboration between postdoctoral fellow Dr. Angela Cheung, PhD student Greta Schachermayer, Master student Mégane Missaire and BSc students Aude Bieler and Amber Wallis in the lab.

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